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Wheel Fix

Wheel Fix



TOMMY TRUCKER TYRES & AUTO SERVICES Wheel Repair Centre provide the complete service for Alloy wheels, this includes everything from light scratches (touching kerbs), pot holes, cracks, buckles, to the full cosmetic treatment.

As Ireland’s longest established alloy wheel repair and refurbishment business, we’ve developed many techniques and procedures, many of which are unique to Wheel Repair Centre for the repair and refurbishing of alloy wheels.

Why replace your alloy wheels?

TOMMY TRUCKER TYRES & AUTO SERVICES can have them looking like new again for a fraction of the cost of new alloy wheels. It doesn’t matter how badly chipped or scratched your alloys are, we’ve the right alloy wheel refurbishment solution. Don’t worry, we’ll repair and return your alloys looking like new once more , We Guarantee!

The technology that we use along side our decades of experience is trusted with high end cars like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche just to call a couple of . If you’re employed or live on the brink of us in Bray drop by and we’ll offer you a quote immediately.

Repair vs Replace

If you’re using alloy wheels, then it’s vital to stay them within the best condition you’ll to increase their health. Unfortunately, regular use can mean that you simply might accidentally stop listening and hit a sidewalk, damaging your alloy wheels and potentially causing other issues together with your car. For example, you would possibly notice thumping sounds once you drive, otherwise you might experience strange constant vibrations that never wont to occur. Your handling might feel a touch off, and it could even affect your fuel economy.

Luckily, there are two options that you simply could consider during this situation; replacing or repairing your alloy wheels. Contrary to popular belief, alloy wheels are often repaired assuming they aren’t completely bent out of shape and ruined. Small scratches dents are often repaired, and in some cases, even slight bends are often straightened up for no issue.


But how does one distinguish between repairing and replacing, and when do you have to consider either option? In this article, we’re going to explain both options and give you an opinion on both so you understand the pros and cons of both.

When To Repair Your Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheel repairs are generally administered by bending back any metal and buffing out any scratches. Scratches are simple to repair and, in most cases, won’t cost much money in the least . However, bending back metal would require special tools and will cost more.

Repairing your alloy wheels is usually cheaper than having to exchange them, especially if there’s only a couple of small scratches or dents which will be repaired with ease. Your mechanic should have the tools and expertise to bend back broken rims or maybe fill in small cracks. However, if you’re watching several cracks and tons of missing metal, then your alloy wheels will likely got to get replaced because repairing them will only prolong the inevitable.

When To Replace Your Alloy Wheels

Replacing wheels is typically costlier , but the exception is that if your alloy wheels are heavily damaged in several places. This could mean that you simply got to bend back metal additionally to buffing out scratches and even fill in some cracks. The heavier the damage, the more it’ll cost to exchange your alloy wheels and it can get to some extent where it’s costlier to repair than to easily replace. The first thing you ought to do is invite a quote; if it’s costlier to repair, then you ought to definitely replace your wheels instead.

Do confine mind that while repaired alloy wheels are generally even as strong as new ones, a fresh could accompany extra features sort of a discount on other services or even extended warranty. In short, if there’s an excessive amount of work to be done to repair your alloy wheels, then it’s usually better to only replace them to urge the work done more efficiently so you’ll revisit on the road rather than expecting your mechanic to repair them.

January 1, 2021