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Engine Fix

Engine Fix



Engine Repairs

The engine may be a sensitive piece of machinery, powering your vehicle to urge you from point A to point B. Modern engines also are mentioned as combustion engines, they work by heating and combusting fuel inside to manoeuvre your vehicle by powering pistons. The main outer portion of the engine is named the cylinder block, it’s an outsized structure with large cylinders where the pistons can move inside because the engine is powered. Cylinders, and other passages built into the engine, allow coolant to flow, which successively, cools the engine because it works.

There are different types of engines, usually defined by their number of cylinders, and in turn, the amount of power they can produce. Inside the engine is a neighbourhood called a combustion chamber, this is often where your engine creates the energy necessary to manoeuvre pistons and power your vehicle. Inside the combustion chamber fuel is fired up and evaporated, getting used to make energy which moves your car.

In cases where the engine has suffered damage, we are also able to offer an efficient and effective repair service. We have a talented team of fully qualified engineers ready to perform all kinds of repair works in our fully equipped, modern service centre. We work with all kinds of engines from cars to commercial vehicles and are ready to effectively diagnose any problems you’ll be experiencing, all at a reasonable price. Depending on your requirements, we will either restore your existing part or replace them is that they are more severely damaged.


Engine Warning Signs

As the engine is so important to your vehicle, you’ll usually realise when something is wrong. If you notice any of the subsequent symptoms, your engine may require a rebuild or replacement:

  1. Smoke – if you notice excess smoke is coming from your exhaust pipe or from any other part of the vehicle, this can be a sign that something is wrong with your engine.
  2. Strange Noises – any unusual noise coming from your vehicle (grinding, banging etc.) can indicate an issue with your engine.
  3. Loss Of Power – if you notice your vehicle is suddenly less powerful and is having trouble taking off, driving uphill etc. you may have a problem with your engine.


Here are just a few common issues that bring unusual noises on in your car:

  • a problem with the power steering pump or alternator;
  • an issue with the coil pack, or spark plugs;
  • worn engine or transmission mounting;
  • the cooling system, exhaust, catalytic converter or vacuum line;
  • the ignition wires, air filter, distributor cap, ignition module or engine compression;
  • worn brake pads or rotors.

The longer you wait, hoping the noise might get away on its own, the more problems together with your vehicle it could cause. Whatever problem you have, we will run full engine diagnostics, fix your car and make sure it’s safe and pleasant to drive again.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service using the most modern and specialized equipment.

January 1, 2021